New Scanner!

Admin’s note: We finally got a new scanner. Yay! Some of the drawings Ariel worked on at summer camp can be seen here.




More to come!

Extension Project #6: Be an Engineer!

For this project I made a 4 foot and 6 inches tall version of the Eiffel Tower. The real one is 982 feet taller and is located in Paris, France. The materials I used include:

  • Foam
  • Duct Tape
  • Cardboard Tubes
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Toothpicks
  • Metal Poles (from an old shoe rack)
  • Wood Shim
  • String
  • Paper for my sign

Here it is!


Top Half of Model Eiffel Tower

The top half of my tower with a flag made of duct tape.



Right now the metal poles are stressing me out. They kept on leaning over to the side. No matter how much tape I put, I could not get them to stay straight except after I put the second piece of foam on.



Triangles are a sturdy shape but squares aren’t. So my Dad helped me put these skewers in to support the foam. Can you see the triangles they make?



I hope you enjoyed my Eiffel Tower project. I think I might build something like this another time.

Newspaper #2


Ariel has put together another newspaper for your reading pleasure. View the pages at our gallery. Or download or view a printable version here. Enjoy!

Z is for Zap!


That girl’s dad is a scientist and he made a ray that if it zapped an apple, the apple would turn into a 50¢ coin. No wonder she’s so rich!

Download the coloring page here.

Star Planet

Special Edition Coloring Page #01


I made up a Star Planet. Do you know how they form? They form when a star touches water and where there is a star planet, there will be a thousand stars near it.

Download the coloring page here.

E is for Eagle


That eagle is heading for the word Eagle on the coloring page. The word is really made of bird food so the eagle is after it.

Download the coloring page here.

I is for I

…as in “I didn’t mean to!”


I didn’t want to put iguana because too many people use iguana as an I word. And I wanted to make a joke so I used the word “I”. I could have done igloo though.

Download the coloring page here.

F is for Fall


A girl was taking a walk and fell in a hole. She was so surprised when she got to the bottom she was able to jump out of the hole. The hole is even bigger than what the coloring page shows.

Download the coloring page here.

Robot Garden

Ariel Garden

This is a garden owned by robots that has crops that are used to make gas for the robots.

Bithday Celebration


Admin’s note: A scan of the birthday card Ariel help put together for her buddy.  It is made of postal tape like the Father’s Day greetings we made earlier this year.

Creatively Yours

This is me painting a fish at my friend’s birthday party.

Finished product

This is my fish when it’s done and the other things the other kids painted at the party. Sylas’ race car is next to mine.